NAZZ NAZZ our Noise Crew


Management & Logistics

Intergalactical Tour Coordinator

Name : Roy Thaer

Stories : No stories to tell actually.

Very handsome guy, very nice to girls, hell of a lover but a bit too quiet.

Roy in action

Roy in the background

Press Coordinator

Name : Tof Olinger

Stories : Do everything the press needs


Coordinator "Aktion Wärme"

Name : Gerard Valerius

Stories : Former Musician of DīJuju, Disco-Owner without golden necklaces


Bus Driver, Learjet Pilot, Beer-caddy

Name : Dieter Bohlen

Stories : Former musician of some smaller german cheesy duo.




Name : Georges Ruspini

Stories : Why didnīt ya come to Afghanistan....afraid huuuh?

Master Roadie & Assistant Mixer

Name : Steve-O

Stories : Likes cigares...or why does he always carry a humidor?

Keeper of the Rehearsal Room & Security Chief

Name : Luise

Stories :Don't mess with Luise

Assistant Master Roadie & Security Marshall

Name : Petz Thorax Obelix

Stories : Well...guess....

Thierry's Best Friend

Name : Who the Hell knows or cares?

Stories : Ask Thierry